Spring is Gone, But Whither The Rain?

It has been a dry one so far! We are having our first rain today in two weeks, and these past two weeks have been scorchers. The lawn looks rather like a brown carpet, but we are thanking the Lord that our garden is flourishing.Aside from some weedy grass, the corn is doing well! The rows are far enough apart to allow me to till in between with the Grillo, which makes most of the weeding a breeze.

We are also blessed to see watermelon and canteloupe starting in the garden! We have been harvesting cucumbers for a week or so, and zucchini for the past couple of days.

The elderberries are in full bloom, though they have been suffering from the dry spell.One of our dear neighbors let us pick some of his red raspberries! We picked two quarts, which Sarah turned into an outstanding jam. Our own red raspberries aren’t ripe yet, but they’re coming along. The black raspberries are ripe now, and we have about a quart and a half going – with more on the way!

We are truly blessed with the abundance of the everything growing here; in spite of the drought conditions, our garden is growing and in spite of the crazy time in which we live, that is a comforting thought.