A Late Spring

We have been impatiently awaiting the warmer temperatures that herald the arrival of Spring here in Upstate New York. 

While we do have snow forecasted for Sunday, I think it’s safe to call it – Spring is here!

We have been so excited – we’ve already made a preliminary trip to our favorite greenhouses last weekend to get a feel for what plants we want this year. 

Obviously Spring fever hit us hard! I picked up ten more red raspberry and black raspberry plants (five of each).

 You can never have enough berries! 
You can never have enough berries! 

I also picked up a new plant for my office at work. It was striking and caught my eye – when a I saw it was called a ‘Prayer Plant’, I just had to get it. I haven’t had a chance to find out why it’s called that, however.

My order from Stark Bros. arrived as well: 

The rundown is: two MacIntosh Apple trees, two red gooseberries, and a tree wisteria. 

An earlier shipment included two Patriot blueberries to supplement the four I planted last year.  Those four seem poised to come back, so I must have done something right!

We’ve also planted two beds of potatoes this year – some with potatoes left over from last year’s harvest, and some fresh purchased seed potatoes this year. I’m hopeful to not repeat last year’s mistake – some toxic bugs killed off the plants before the taters could really develop.

We’ve also got our rhubarb returning! These were squashed into the corners of the bed, and this year I transplanted them to a more central spot – so hopfully they will flourish. I put a hoop tent over them to help them along in this cool weather.

 Rhubarb is growing
Rhubarb is growing

We have a lot of exciting projects going on in 2018! I’m excited to get them going and share the progress in this homesteading adventure of ours.