The Wagon Planter

The Wagon Planter
The completed planter

Several years ago, Sarah picked up a small wagon planter at a local greenhouse. The rough-cut wood weathered beautifully, and it was host to many flowering plants over the years.

The old wagon finally rotted out, sadly, so I thought it might be fun to work up a replacement. I took down the dimensions of the existing wagon, and started cutting.

The new wagon is made of Eastern White Pine, which is about the cheapest wood I could find. With the lumber prices still elevated, even cheap wood is a bit of a luxury. The new wagon is slightly larger, but generally the same design and dimensions. I waterproofed the wood using Thompson clear water sealant in hopes of extending the life of the wood.

I had picked up a cheap bandsaw at an estate sale, and this was a great opportunity to try it on the 9.75" wheels. Unfortunately my wood was not quite wide enough, so each tire is flat on the bottom. This is unimportant as the wagon is not built to roll.

Nevertheless, the bandsaw cut through the wood like butter and I've never cut a near-circle so easily.