The Kohler Sink - 1 Year Later

It’s a cold day here at the homestead! Roughly 12 degrees or less on the thermometer, lots of wind and snow.

I realized the other day, we are coming up on a 1 year anniversary with our new Kohler kitchen sink. Last year, Sarah brought up the idea of replacing our kitchen sink. I was all for it, the old one was stainless steel and starting to look its age. With our hard water, it really adds to the dingy look.

You can read about that adventure here.

In the intervening year, Sarah put up a nice curtain to mask the under sink area, since we had to remove the cabinet doors. This is a nice touch that can be updated seasonally, adding color and personalizing the kitchen.

The biggest challenge has been keeping a white sink clean! We have found that Bar Keeper’s Friend is truly a lifesaver when dealing with the various marks that come from the pots, pans, and silverware. These marks look like scratches, but the enamel itself is not damaged. A quick scour with the Bar Keeper’s Friend will remove those marks very quickly. To avoid staining, we simply use bleach – a soft-scrub bottle with bleach will help keep the enamel clean and bright.

Kohler provides a small packet of paste cleanser that is specially formulated for their enamel products. My thought is that this is probably the best cleanser for the sink; but I haven’t got around to buying any yet, and the cleaners we’ve been using just work so well we’ve had no reason to change.

One year on, things are looking as sharp as ever. The hard water does a number on the hand sprayer, but thankfully those are cheap to replace when the time comes. Frequent vinegar usage will help keep the buildup to a minimum. A water softener is somewhere in our future, but there’s a few other things to do first.